Who We Are


Our Vision - Our mission - our purpose

Prosperity ElevN is an initiative which aims to be at the forefront of harnessing all the current “Revolutions” under way and finding the overarching themes which bring them all together, thereby transforming and driving an already unavoidable advancement in every aspect – of life, of humanity and in all spheres focusing on the critical building blocks and foundations of social, economics, technology, but most importantly,, humanities; enabling knowledge, skill, experience, mastery, wisdom and understanding of what is “Of Value” and “Why” it mattes to each and every single individual, group – personally or professionally.

And as organizations, companies, institutions, cultures are comprised of “people”, we need to leverage our humanity to protect, transform and secure humanity and in a way that creates a Secure Cohesive Prosperous Future for ALL of us in the 21st Century and beyond.

It’s time for humanity and business’s to EVOLE!!

Prosperity ElevN was formed not from a basis of “How can we make money” or “What opportunities exist and how can we extract value, profit and growth”. Prosperity ElevN was born from a single simple question: How can I be of service to my fellow man, what can I do, offer, help and give that would ensure a better future, a future with hope, belief and knowledge that “you” matter, “you” are a gift and have purpose and value in this world.

How, by being of service, can I inspire, enable, assist every individual, regardless of the circumstance, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable challenges they face and help them find and understand their purpose and reason in this word, inspire them to define and know their values and what is “Off Value” and define their own personal meaning of “Success’, how to measure it, but also knowing and understanding the “Why” it mattes to each and every single individual, group, personally and/or professionally.

And in so doing, uplift humanity, so that each one of us discovers, experiences and attains Prosperity. To create a cohesive quantum prosperous future for all.

Prosperity ElevN has a single purpose; Responsibly fast track Evolution via Revolution thereby creating a more cohesive, inclusive and positive baseline for humanity’s future “Revolution into Evolution cycle”. Globally, we are poised to bring about a new model of learning, living, evolving and working into the emerging unifying model of the future. “Prospernomics”.

The WHY of Prosperity ElevN – Our mission and vision Be of Service’ to individuals and businesses by enabling and empowering them in a transforming evolving digital world and by driving entrepreneurship, 21st century skills and job creation for our youth and unemployed. We focus on stimulating the economy by working towards creating partnerships, initiatives, programs and incentives to propel and extend the value chain of all stakeholders, public and private and ensuring our youth, our citizens, our nation becomes and remain relevant now and into the future. To ensure that as Today becomes our Yesterday, and Tomorrow becomes our Today,and in doing so honour one of our most inherent gifts… Curiosity. If you want to awaken all of humanity – then awaken yourself. We are because of each other.

We help individuals and organizations do what they do best:

Live | Laugh | Learn | Play | Work | Grow | Prosper

A secure cohesive and prosperous future for all our people.

Why We Care

Organizations, companies, institutions, communities and cultures are comprised of “one single common vulnerability – “people”. Intentional – unintentional, malicious – non-malicious, basement to boardroom, people are the vulnerability in terms of Cyber Security.

As the 3rd industrial revolution drew to a close, the defined and identifiable boundaries which determined the Perimeter and therefore to to some extend manageable, dissolved and Data is now stored and hosted everywhere.

The 4th industrial revolution is in full swing and live in a digital world driven almost exclusively by technology.

  • The world is is changing.
  • The world has changed.
  • There are reformations, transformations.
  • There are revolutions and evolutions in every aspect of our new world.

Our Core Values

We help individuals and organisations stay focused and do what they do best:

Live | Play | Work | Grow | Prosper | Rest Assured | Rest Secured

As the old methods, mindsets, approaches and strategies to protecting, securing and doing business today and tomorrow evolve and transform, we make sure individuals and organizations do it without fear or in-trepidation of vulnerabilities and threats.
Cyber Renaissance, a division of Prosperity ElevN focuses on Cyber Security and Digital Transformation, specializing in bridging the gap between Revolution and Evolution by assisting individuals, businesses, (SMB) – small to medium sized through to enterprise businesses, corporations to government; to rethink, re-imagine and redefine traditional mindsets, strategies and approaches to threat mitigation and risk management by enabling and empowering them in a transforming world .. a new digital world .. a CYBER WORLD.