Wayne Donnelly

Country       : South Africa – Cape Town, W.C

Occupation : Multipotentialite, Polymath

Company     : Prosperity ElevN Pty Ltd.

Profession   : Cyber Security Specialist, Collaborative Entrpreneur


Wayne Donnelly CQFE (Cohesive Quantum Future Enabler) is the founder and director of Prosperity ElevN, founder of A.E.E.P (African Entrepreneur Enablement Program), Founder and Director of Cyber-Renaissance, Founder director of Cyb-Ent (Cyber-Entrepreneurs Africa) – the first initiative on the content to truly embrace, enable and pave the way to a fully inclusive and secure cohesive future for not only Africa, but to carry this new disruptive discipline and emerging field of “Quantum Cohesive Futurism” to all corners of the globe.. My new initiative I’m trying to launch is called T.R.A.S.O.A (The Rhythm And S.O.L.E Of Africa).

I am a Polymath, a Multipotentiality with equally developed in depth knowledge and passion for multiple disciplines, first and foremost, an Cyber Security Specialist (a role and career identity he is best known for) for the last 28 years, but also processing an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding of metaphysics, music, philosophy, history, anthropology, psychology, cognitive behaviour, spirituality and Theo-centric sciences, astrology, cosmology and quantum physics, disruptive global economic models and of course, cooking.

Via an equally emerging new filed of sciences called Complexity Science, he continues to expand his search for a broader overarching unifying theme running through all things, with particular focus on applying emerging evolving, disruptive and quantum effecting revolutions, dynamics and changes in the world such as I.R.4.0, B.R.4.0, globalisation and the new economics, IoT and the superseding and evolution, transformation of traditional business models by Agile principles and Agile businesses and the cohesive co-existence of both the physical and Cyber (digital) worlds.

I have a deep passion and purpose to bring the superpowers and abilities that are the blessings and evolutionary advantages of yesterday’ fringe (cognitive differences such as ADHD, broad spectrum of autism, and many others unique gifts currently listed in the in the DSM-5 as disorders and often labelled and judged unique humans to the forefront of humanity, so that they can lead humanity into not an unknown future but as cohesive quantum future, where all things are possible, we, our species, for the first time in humanity’s history, truly move forward, fully inclusive, fully equal and to evolve from an Ego based existence of Self-Service to Service-to-others, into Humanity 3.0,. Driven by a single passion – I am, because of you, You are me.. WE ARE… We are the cohesive, collective unity moving forward.