A consultancy service that listens first, then collaborates with you to rethink, re-imagine and recreate your business. Coupled with local and international expertise and experience, I contribute innovative fresh perspective and stratergies, enabling you to thrive and prosper and relevant now and into the future.

Over 30 years Experience

Evolve - Transform - Prosper

The WHY of Prosperity ElevN – Our mission and vision Be of Service’ to individuals and businesses by enabling and empowering them in a transforming evolving digital world and by driving entrepreneurship, 21st century skills, agile business practices for the 4th Industrial Revolution and job creation for our youth and unemployed.

Cybuntu Online and Cyber Renaissance are two such initiatives.

We focus on stimulating the economy by working towards creating partnerships, initiatives, programs and incentives to propel and extend the value chain of all stakeholders, public and private and ensuring our youth, our citizens, our nation becomes and remain relevant now and into the future.

To ensure that as Today becomes our Yesterday, and Tomorrow becomes our Today, we honour one of our most inherent gifts… Curiosity to ask ‘What If’ …

We help individuals & organizations do what they do best:
Live | Laugh | Learn | Play | Work | Grow | Prosper
Wayne Donnelly
Founder - Director

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