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he Iboga Association was founded when there was very little available information on Iboga and its consumption by people. Today, there is still very little enforcement or consensus on standards of practice and general safety. Sadly we see unnecessary patient mortality while in care because of a lack of screening and proper supervision.

Iboga was a non registered medicine in SA whonlyich created a “grey area” for some quite shady characters to operate in. Charging similar prices to professionals only lacking similar service, professionalism and proper screening and safety protocols. Iboga is now scheduled in South Africa and may be prescribed by an accredited professional.

Because of the change in status we (The Iboga Association), have adjusted our policy and are using our experience as intermediaries. We hope to better serve the public by referring to, and listing, professionals that operate according to the law and have safety and screening standards that we adhere to and agree with ethically. So we will be able to refer requests for supply or treatment providers to people that are ethical and have the proper standards in place.

I hope to be able to help this transition by publishing a patient admission and screening form that will list the safety standards the providers should keep to, as well as to provide crucial patient information to the provider for record keeping and screening. Free to download…

The applicant needs to have an ECG Test, a blood-liver panel as part of screening. Ideally the patient should be off all medications especially those contra indicated and a window period of abstinence adhere to.

The patient should be properly supervised: Meaning that a qualified nurse be with the patient for at least 36 hrs from the start of treatment.

we hope to continue to offer training to anyone interested in providing a service.

Until we have the list of treatment providers & suppliers and the screening and patient information forms up and running please feel free to email the association directly for assistance in finding qualified and safe providers and suppliers.

Keep safe and keep legally informed

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