Part 3


Time to communicate our values. It may take the form of language, words, gestures, actions. it may take the form or art, poetry, writings, sculptures, song, music. It may take the form of comfort in conformity or uniqueness in challenging long upheld beliefs and status quo. But they all serve a similar common purpose, that is, the ability to BE of Value or ADD Value or INFLUENCE Value and what if only simply EXTRACTING Value or BENEFITING from Value. So the question emerges, how do you define “VALUE”. How do measure the Value of Value and apply it any in way that means the same thing to of the tip of the iceberg scenarios? Value, among a myriad on countless internal and external factors influence, shape us, and often, rightly or wrongly, “Define“us.

And if preconceived ideas and notions and definitions of Value” at any point in our lives change, what is the impact, influence and definition of how we see and define ourselves? Value determination is an art and science in and of it itself. But is it flexible enough and dynamic enough and most importantly, inclusive enough to be all things to all people, where if possible and “Value” could be measured and for discussion purposes, we refer to it as a “Unit of Measure” for Value, and we for namesake called it Quantum Value Unit (QVU) and that 1QUV had the same value as a glass of water would have to a person who was lost in the desert for 5 days and only minuets away from death and would 1QUV be an equal unit of measure of $1million to an Entrepreneur ?

Utopia right? Unachievable right? idealistic right? Wrong questions, maybe a better question is .. does it even matter? And if it does, then WHY? This is neither a liberal or conservative statement, nor is it an unobtainable utopia. Success leaves clues, and evidence and fact and history demonstrate that when as individuals, groups, society, governments, organizations, companies and big business move towards a demonstrated vision, purpose and action of service to others, miracles, success, growth without harm is possible, has happened, continues to happen and will become the single biggest strategy that will take us past the current destructive de-evolution of 15 remaining generations and rather evolve, thrive, inspire and innovate well beyond for another 6000 generations.

“We must be silent before we can listen. We must listen before we can learn. We must learn before we can prepare. We must prepare before we can serve. We must serve before we can lead.” -William Arthur Ward

The people who originate thinking about thought become engaged in a conscious process of reflection, analysis, understanding, exploration and shared meaning-making, which continuously examines their process in a non-judgmental, suspensive, respectful, deeply safe spirit of inquiry into the nature of the process itself. Dialogue helps you see what the other person means, so that both of you become part of the Oneness in which all beings reside. Dialogue supersedes the mere translation of thoughts which are audio checked for meaning in differently held dictionaries; it is this misnaming which usually creates human misunderstandings. Dialogue is a group process which is practiced to observe language under construction, so that one can SEE what the other person truly means. It manifests itself as a deeper connection than can be achieved in traditional meetings by TRULY understanding what is said, rather than partially understanding what is said.

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -John C. Maxwell

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