Part 2

Business 4.0 – The new way

A new type of business must take shape, take form, an evolution to Business 4.0. A Business 4.0 organization means operating on such a level of coherent thinking and action; that the organization would know instinctively how to create revenue, how to contain its costs, how to grow its markets, how to balance its energy through its fiscal budgets and how to grow as it desired. A Business 4.0 organization would instinctively know when to decay when necessary, be able to choose its own evolutionary path, be capable of attracting clients at will, experience high employee engagement, and be proficient at identifying and sustaining acceptable profit through seamless Cohesion of all parts of the business.

Such Business 4.0 understanding leads to large-scale sustainable transformation. Sensory enslavement to ‘human-UN-kind’ could be transformed into a deep connection to ‘humankind’. This evolution requires everyone in the business taking RESPONSIBILITY. A Business 4.0 leader / follower system does not need to force alignment. Leaders FIND followers and followers FIND leaders. Money in a Business 4.0 system becomes a reward for Service to Others. Personal ownership and egoic self-beliefs evolve into collective accountability. Corrupted economic systems heal and expand beyond inadvertent enslavement to force and greed.

If all the organizations members begin to learn and understand the mind, the breath, the gender and the collective unconscious of their own organization, together they would be able to transcend the politics, the harm and the greed, which pervade it. If the members of that corporation moved in cohesion even for short periods of time, it could become such a fourth density organization – A Business 4.0 Company. Business 4.0 could be a place where unity and diversity are not in adversity. There would only be disharmony if conflict were chosen freely and consciously.

Everyone could operate from a sense of personal and collective Power. It would be an ‘organizational universe’ where all sentient beings ‘get on’ with each other in the same time and space. As we stand at the precipus of a quantum leap forward and look to the future, the emergence and growth of a more well-rounded, adaptable and influential breed of individuals are starting to take center stage.

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