Gentle shift in consciousness

Since the 1990’s, we have had a larger population of people over the age of 40 alive than under the age of 40. The importance of this is that there is a shift happening and gaining momentum in favour of more conscious values and awareness and mindfulness. The threshold magic “40 years of age” is a very interesting and relevant age.

It typically marks the transition into “mid-life”, but it also more often than not marks a shift in values, a growth in consciousness, awareness and reflection on the first half of our life ; it marks a shift in thought transitioning outside of ourselves and it becomes more about meaning, purpose, correctiveness, legacy and less about the “me” and “I” and self promotion, gain and existence and well being and material gain and monetary value of success; and something happens when we start to develop and resonate within similar consciousness’s.

Today the medium age is 44 years, which means that right no, at this point in our existence, there is a far greater number of people living on this planet who have shifted into a higher consciousness and search for meaning, what drives them and what people care about is fundamentally changing.  In addition, 1989 marked a turning point in our history where for the first time, there were more woman entering the work force than men, more woman graduates than men and a higher number of woman coming through the education system than men. It is at this point that a shift started to happen in our culture and work place.

Often referred to as the “feminization of culture” in which the feminine values and energies and traits started to influence culture and business. This meant that values like collaboration, cooperation, nurturing, negotiation, process, empathy, inclusive and collective relationships and networking, qualify of life, family, well being, compassion, community, support started to influence business and slowly started to challenge the long held entrenched values and culture of the masculine values of ego, control, dominance,authority,hierarchy, victor, force, power, result and material monetary oriented. This has allowed us to slowly start finding our way back to Humanity.

Adding to this, we are also getting smarter. The average IQ of individuals is increasing by 2-3% every decade. Today, the average person is more intelligent that 98% of the world more than 100 years ago. So WHY do we find ourselves still in a world where 98% of people live in hardship and struggle to survive.  A paradigm shift is required. They don’t have to fail, there is space for everyone at the table, all are welcome.

There is nothing wrong with growth, achievement, success, wealth, economy, aligning to your own values and defining what is of value to you and how you measure the success of that, from merely surviving to thriving. But when it comes at the expense of others, future generations, children, people, humans and at it’s extreme, not just the expense, but the destruction and conscious knowledge of the pain, hurt, suffering of others, that at best, only hope or of what is “of value” to them is to survive, and their measure of success is surviving another day and then starting their struggle all over again for the next 24 hours, then there is a problem. An unacceptable problem. Quite frankly, things aren’t working, and we need to collectively find another way

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