IGroove Yam

Our Mission

A new community out-reach program targeted at youths in disadvantaged communities, townships and informal settlements with low-no income areas to bring playing music (learning Guitar, Bass, Keyboards) into their lives to give them a voice, a way to express themselves, to be creative and learn essential life and 21st skills and offer them something else other than crime, gangs, drugs.”

A new community out-reach program targeted at youths in disadvantaged communities, townships and informal settlements with low-no income areas to bring playing music (learning Guitar, Bass, Keyboards) into their lives to give them a voice, a way to express themselves, to be creative and learn essential life and 21st skills and offer them something else other than crime, gangs, drugs.”

My goal is to foster, nurture and support those less fortunate to:

Live | Laugh | Learn | Play | Work | Grow | Prosper

The initiative is called :

IGroove yam (Ubomi bam – IGroove yam)

My Groove – My Life

Help us to positively impact these children’s lives.

IGroove yams (Ubomi bam – Umphe Umphefumlo) aims to help children come together to experience the joy of music. We need the kind support of the general public, and financial commitment from sponsors and donors to help us launch our dream to give hope to meaningful community development in the informal settlements, townships and surrounding areas in the Overberg and surrounds and aim to extend the initiative network throughout the Western Cape.

Our vision is to ‘Always provide a safe, fun, creative platform for music discovery, artistic expression, and life skills learning’. We imagined a place where they could be safe, creative and experience playing an instrument and develop their talent.

IGroove yam Pilot Launch Objectives, Structure & Outcome

The Pilot was launched in the Gansbaai town which is central to Standford, De Kelders, Pearlemon Baai, Gansbaai, Bloempark, Masikane, Kleinbaai, Franskraal up to Pearly beach. Phase 2 will include Fish haven, Hawston, Onrus, Zwelihle, Qhayiya and Hermanus.

There is currently a 70%+ unemployment rate in the areas and now with COVID19, this has reach upward of 80%, long waiting lists for youth to gain access to the schools, an epidemic drug problem, gangs, low-no income and many youth left hopeless isolated and concerned for their future.

We are looking to raise funds to help us achieve part of this by sponsoring some musical instruments and accessories, securing a a small rented room and meals and costs. We are desperately looking for sponsorships, funding and donations at this point in helping sponsor the minimum equipment we need to launch and run the pilot stage of this initiative. Please help our cause with any old second hand musical instruments, guitars, amps, keyboards, cables, leads, and equally we rely on contributions, donations and support


The Pilot aims to secure premises within the industrial district and provide safe secure place for the new musicians to start their wonderful experience. We aim to attract 25-30 youth to join iGroove Yam in the initials pilot phase and will teach guitar, bass and keyboard lessons, catering for up to 9 lessons a week and ensuring each youth attends at least one weekly lesson.

Each lesson is 45mins -1 hr long and provide the following for each individual:

  • All music instruments will be supplied in a safe secure environment

  • A lesson comprising music theory, practical skills (learning to play) and a fun “Jam” at the end of each lesson

  • Each individual will also receive a meal (sandwich and juice) during their lesson

  • Open discussion about life, their challenges and interact life coaching and discussions throughout the lesson.

  • Exposure and awareness of all the resources and options available to them FREE and where to find these and how to use and maximise them.

  • An environment to make friends and interact and if even just for 1 hour other day or week, a safe place to smile, laugh, have fun, learn, express themselves, be creative, be inspired, 1hr where they can dream and plant the seeds of hope.

  • They will start to develop 21st Century skills such as the 4C’s . Communication, Collaboration, Community, Creativity

  • They will have a safe place and a vehicle to learn to express themselves, to explore themselves, to share with others and build deep meaning bonds.

  • They will find inspiration and some, hopefully, will continue and want to get involved and learn about sound engineering, sound production, music, want to play in bands or write songs, want to share their views and voice with the world through guitar, songs, music.Most of all, for 25-30 youth, it will be that much less time spend exposed to gangs, violence, crime, drugs, disruptive homes and the streets…

We hope to create a mind-set of – My Future … For Me .. Because of Me …..

" It has been scientifically proven with countless studies that listening to and/or playing music is the only human activity that activates, stimulates and lights up all areas of the brain, to allow us to become integrated and present, whole and complete in those moments"

But it is also far more just learning to play the guitar. It is about learning to navigate life. It is about nurturing and fostering and enabling the youth because during each session, a section includes “Life Coaching” and “Prosperity Awareness”. By this, we mean that during each lesson, the youth are made aware of the plethora of free out-reach programs, workshops, skills development, enablement and education resources available. 95% of youth don’t even know these exist, let alone where to find them or how to engage or where to even start.

We work with them on knowing where to find these, how to find them, how to make use of them and maximise them. In addition, each lessons uses life, as a reference point and creates an environment where they can raise issues, ask questions and allows us to share our wisdom, guidance, mentor-ship, advice, suggestions and support to them on many issues, all whilst actively engaging in the beauty of music and the awesomeness of learning to play and instrument and “Jam”. We work with them to become their own writers, conductors and players of the beautiful symphony of life… Their Groove.

Playing an instruments greatly assists in therapy for conditions such as ADHD. Autism, Depression, Addiction Recovery

It have some immediate emotional and physiological and psychological benefits for youth or may be struggling with ADHD. Children with ADHD may benefit from the conditioned attention requirements of learning to play any musical instrument. There is also a natural built-in reward system associated with learning how to play a favourite piece of music. Many children with ADHD have self-esteem problems caused by difficulty in making and keeping friends. This breeds a negativity that potentially spirals into a viscous circle. The positive effect of playing the guitar can help to create peer acceptance that overrides negative preconditioning and leads to a motivation to perform well in all aspects of life.

In regard to depression, traditional therapies designed to help with depression are often geared towards the release of emotion and/or the recovery of basic motivation. Music allows a foundational expression of emotion as well as providing an absorbing distraction that is also a useful application of endeavour. The guitar is one of the most expressive instruments and almost certainly the most versatile. It is also easily transportable and highly social. Playing the guitar can lead to greater self-confidence and peer acceptance. Depression itself can often be the result of ‘change’. Music practise helps to counteract the very idea of change by providing a positive, and therefore self-perpetuating, routine.

Notably, it also has the power to be used in all sorts of therapies and treatments, and whilst IGroove yam is not a medical or specialist music therapy project. In the case with autism, studies and tests provides evidence that the ‘brain wiring’ of many on the autistic spectrum may not only facilitate musical ability, but may actively enhance it. Where verbal communication is a problem, musical expression may not be; and the latter may well help with the formulation of the former. Once again, the specific ‘coolness’ of guitar advances the prospect of social acceptance and interaction. Combined tuition for those with autism, along with their carers, can provide multiple benefits as well as respite.

It also assists greatly in Addiction Recovery. One rule of recovery is ‘to create a new life’ that offers a distraction to old habits and musical instrument practise is both consuming and worthwhile.
Another rule of recovery is having a method of relaxation and the guitar offers a great way to let off steam. As an instrument it is the most versatile and can be used to create everything from aggressive rock music to emotional classical. It is also as easily a solitary practice as is it a social one and, unlike many solitary practices, this is one that leaves the feeling of satisfaction; a sense of purpose and time well-spent. The guitar is an instrument that is readily available; easily transportable and that can be played at any volume.

Music is more than just a recreational activity, or about honing talent. It is a subject that can help to develop critical thinking and shape creative expression. Music involves many cognitive skills, such as creative and critical thinking, which are linked to academic disciplines. It also fosters and encourages idea synthesis, collaboration, social interactions, all critical new 21st Century skills to survive in the new world

With all the challenges and pressures of this world, young people, children, youth, adults, all have thoughts like : “I wish I could explain it to you”, “why wont they listen”, “I wish they would understand”, “I’m so lost and lonely, so confused”, “I’m so angry and raging against the world”, “My heart is absolutely broken, the pain in my soul”, “my hopes and Dreams”…. “My fears and failures” and these thoughts are driven by emotions, physical sensations, a primal up-welling of wanting to be expressed.

WHY this is such a critical urgently needed out-reach program

Why We Care

Love, hate, sorrow, happiness, confusion, angst, joy, celebration – all come through in music. Our darkness and our light, when we can’t find words or expressions, actions or deeds, that is when sometimes the rhythm talks for us, the tempo, the gate, the instruments, the volume and style .. all languages of our souls, our feelings, our thoughts …

Every aspect of every single human being is ALIVE when listening to music, regardless of the situation. It has been scientifically proven with countless studies that listening to and/or playing music is the only human activity that activates, stimulates and lights up all areas of the brain, to allow us to become integrated and present, whole and complete in those moments.

Given the emotionally charged nature of music, it can be an incredibly effective way to express ourselves and cope with challenging life circumstances—because sometimes, life is really hard. Really, really hard. Whether it be conflict with family, ending a relationship, or experiencing trauma, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual pain or trauma, we all have moments in which we are brought to our knees with pain, sadness, and confusion.

Dealing With Emotions

It is that when we are emotionally struggling, we often have a hard time expressing how we feel through words. The intellectual, verbal expression of feelings doesn’t do justice to our experience of the emotion.

Most of us absolutely love music. In these tough life moments, music can be a constructive way to express who you are and what you are feeling. Connecting to music is one effective way to become more honest about who you are, what you are really experiencing, and coping with negative emotion. We are compelled by it. We are provoked by it. We are moved by it. We are inspired by it. We feel connected to it. It reflects something profound about who we are and our experience of the world.

But why music and not another type of art form? Music is something that everybody enjoys. It has powerful emotional qualities and one-of-a-kind characteristics that make it so effective in unlocking the expression of our selves. Even people that don’t have self-expression problem recognize the power of music in making them see and understand emotions better and find who they really are with ease. In the case of a person that has to face challenges related to speech, music is a great way to allow that person to express himself or herself non-verbally. But not just the music’s qualities are making it such an effective tool. Its proven neural stimulation abilities. Learning and making music is more than just a recreational activity.

Music can also be something we share with friends and family. Social activities can be good for our well-being in general and can strengthen our support networks. If you play in a band or jam regularly with other people. Don’t underestimate how much of a wellness boost you can get from being around like-minded people. Playing guitar with others can also, in time, lead to new friendships and a richer social life. An individual can run through a lot of emotions while playing guitar. It’s a perfect vehicle for letting out our feelings While playing, we often feel our aggression, our sadness and any anxiety leaving our mind and body.”

Learning to play the guitar can have an enormously positive effect on your self-esteem and confidence.